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Women’s health and continence solutions in Frankston

Lifecare Frankston aims to help women through physiotherapy and exercise by building your confidence with our friendly and confidential advice and support. Our women’s health physiotherapists provide simple and effective treatments and solutions whether you are having trouble with continence, are pregnant, or are a mother with a new baby, struggling with health and fitness concerns.

It is a fact that nearly 4.8 million Australians over the age of 15 suffer with incontinence and 1 in 3 of those are women. There are more woman who suffer after having children and for men it is significantly higher after having prostate or urinary tract problems.

Womens Health

We can help you treat these problems

Our physiotherapists have specific qualifications and can treat an extensive range of conditions to help you avoid surgery. There is a considerable amount of research and evidence to support how effective our forms of treatment can be when improving women’s health and general wellbeing.

Not only can Lifecare physiotherapists help with continence complaints, we can help you avoid them with safe and effective exercises before and after surgery. We can also help with neck, back and pelvic girdle pain, and continence problems before and after pregnancy. If you suffer from pelvic floor problems or are at risk of suffering, you should only perform exercises that are safe in your condition.

Lifecare Frankson offers:

  • Physiotherapists with post graduate qualifications in continence and women’s health
  • Exercise prescription and classes during pregnancy
  • Exercise prescription and classes after pregnancy
  • Real time ultrasound assessments
  • Pilates physiotherapists and facilities
  • Hydrotherapy and land based exercise classes

All our women’s health services are eligible for private health rebates. 

Our sub speciality services include:

  • Continence and women’s health physiotherapy
  • Post pregnancy exercise
  • Postnatal Pilates classes
  • Pregnancy exercise programs
  • Pregnancy Pilates and education courses
  • Preparing for parenthood classes
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