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Sports Tape

We sell a variety of sports tape which can be applied in a range of ways.

Rigid Sports Tape – We sell 38mm rigid sports tape which is designed to provide stability around joints, decrease pain and offload structures such as muscles, ligaments, tendons and bone. Rigid sports tape is commonly used for sprains and strains.

$10 per roll
Fixamol Hyperfix tape – This tape is commonly used as an underlay for rigid sports tape to provide a layer of protection for the skin and assist with adhesion.

$20 per roll
Kinesio Tape – Kinesio tape is a more flexible tape which can be used for a wide range of purposes. This tape is designed to promote awareness of muscle activation, joint position and joint stability, commonly known as your ‘proprioception’.

$20 per roll

We commonly use Kinesio tape for areas of muscle tightness, decreased muscle activation and joint instability. Kinesio tape is a great product to assist with your strengthening program. The tape is also used for areas of pain, swelling and inflammation. The tape works to offload the area and therefore decrease pain.

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