Spiky Ball (Trigger Point Ball)

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Spiky Ball (Trigger Point Ball)

Spiky Balls are great for those hard to reach places. The ball is designed to get into areas of tightness which maybe causing your pain. Using your body weight or a wall, the pressure of the ball into your muscles is aimed at improving blood flow to that area which often helps with pain relief.

Spiky balls are best used on tight muscles or thickened bands of muscle tissue called ‘trigger points’. We do not recommend that spiky balls are used on tendons or directly onto bones or joints. If used incorrectly spiky balls can increase your pain and limit your recovery. For this reason we recommend that you consult one of our physiotherapists before trying this product.

Spiky Balls come in a range of forms and vary in firmness and shape.

  • Large firm $15
  • Soft and spiky $12
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