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Experienced paediatric physiotherapy in Frankston

We all want our children to be happy and healthy with the best life can offer. At LifeCare Frankston we aim to support children to be the best they can be through detailed assessment and treatment in a friendly and fun environment. Our paediatric physiotherapist has completed training courses in paediatric physiotherapy and in adolescent development and injury management and has a particular interest in the following conditions:
Paediatric Physio
  • Plagiocephaly:  development of a flat spot on your babies head
  • Torticollis:  when baby only turns their head in one direction
  • Developmental delay:  slow development of normal milestones including not sitting independently by 9 months, not crawling or standing by 12 months of age or not walking by 18 months of age 
  • Adolescent injuries and conditions:  Sever’s disease (heel pain), Osgood Schlatters (knee pain), SUFE (hip condition that can cause limping and/or pain), back pain, growing pains, recovery after fracture, acute injuries such as ligament sprains or muscle strains
  • Adolescent motor development:  difficulty keeping up with other children their age, reduced fitness or motor skills

If you are concerned that your child may have one of the above conditions, please do not hesitate to contact our clinic for advice.

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