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Get help for your paediatric foot pain in Frankston

Children’s feet concerns are very different to the adult population. Our podiatrist has a great deal of experience with conditions associated with leg and foot pain in children from the time they are just starting to walk to late adolescent years.

Paediatric foot conditions assessed and managed by our podiatrist include heel pain, patella/knee pain, “bowed” legs, “growing pains”, clumsiness, gross motor skill delay, in toeing and out toeing, ingrown toe nails, plantar warts and blister management.

Just like many adult ailments, foot and leg conditions are often notable during early childhood development. Children’s feet are highly vulnerable to injury as they continue development into their late teenage years. A podiatrist is able to access your child’s lower limb development at any age. Have a read of our blog on paediatric podiatry conditions to help you screen for any common leg and foot pains that may be of concern to your child.

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Paediatric Foot Pain

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