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Successful massage therapy and myotherapy in Frankston

If you are suffering with soft tissue pain or restricted joint movement, our massage therapy and myotherapy treatments can help to correct your health complaints. At Lifecare Frankston Physiotherapy, we will ask questions about your symptoms to get a better knowledge of your prior and current illnesses and medical history.

What is myotherapy?

Thin sheets of tissue that surround your muscles and ligaments and tendons are what make up your body’s myofascia. Myotherapy is a form of physiotherapy that helps to prevent restricted joint movement and soft tissue pain, commonly caused by myofascia or muscle defects. By using techniques such as massage therapy, stretching and myofacial dry needling, we can help relieve any tissue pain and joint restrictions.

Firstly we will test your reflexes and carry out a full examination on the joints and muscles that you are experiencing difficulty with. We want to determine if the symptoms you are facing are myofascial so that we can suggest the correct treatment. 

Are you suffering with myofascial pain?

If you have any of the following symptoms, then we recommend that you get in touch straight away so we can examine your condition and provide effective relief.

  • Tight muscles
  • Reduced mobility
  • Constant aching
  • Sore muscles
  • Stiff joints
  • Numb sensations
  • Continual pins and needles
  • Extreme tiredness

Our myotherapy treatments can help with a range of health issues including sports injuries, headaches, chronic back pain, joint pain, muscle pain and poor posture discomfort. The myotherapy team at our Frankston clinic is qualified in a range of techniques including massage therapy, hot and cold therapy, acupressure, myofacial dry needling, passive stretching treatments and electrical nerve stimulation.

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