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Memory Foam Pillows

Memory Foam Pillows come in a range of forms and firmness. These pillows are commonly used for patients that suffer from headaches, neck pain, restlessness whilst sleeping or difficulty with breathing whilst sleeping. The pillows are designed to promote a neutral spine position whilst you sleep. The beauty of these pillows is that the inner compartment can be adjusted to suit your head and neck.

Memory Foam Pillows Benefits

  • Improved head and neck support
  • Decrease stress on neck and shoulder joints
  • Clearer breathing patterns for people who suffer from asthma

The pillows that we stock include

Therapeutic Memory Original & Memory Plus $85
Therapeutic Complete Sleeper Deluxe $65
Tranquillow Standard $55

We recommend that you come in and feel each of the pillows before making a decision. Once purchased and tried at home we have a no refund policy on this product as they cannot be re sold for health reasons.

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