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mckenzie lumbar support

Mc Kenzie Lumbar Roll

The Mc Kenzie roll provides postural support when sitting in the car or in the office chair. There are two main designs

“D” Shape (Club Warehouse) $25

McKenzie Roll (Full Round & “D” Shape) $35

This product is designed to promote a neutral spine position by limiting the amount of lumbar flexion (slouching) when you sit. The lumbar roll therefore decreases the amount of stretch and strain on your back muscles and can aid head and neck position whilst you sit.

The Mc Kenzie Roll will assist anyone that is required to sit for long periods of time in the car or in the office. The product has a simple elastic strap which wraps around your chair without any clips or buttons required.

People that suffer from headaches, neck pain, mid back and lower back pain will benefit from this product. 

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