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Heat Packs/Wheat Bags

Made from 100% Lupin our warming packs are designed to target sore muscles and joints by increasing blood flow to the area. Heat packs can be applied to almost any body part as they are sold in a range of shapes and sizes. Out heat packs are made to be heated in the microwave (time dependent on the power of your microwave), long lasting and widely regarded as a low allergy option for sensitize skin. Our tip is to place ½ a cup of water in the microwave with your heat pack to increase the products lifespan. Out heat packs come in shapes including:

  • Square  $14
  • Rectangle  $15
  • Body Pillow $25
  • Neck wrap $28
  • Lower back Belt $35

Heat packs are a great option for injuries such as muscle tightness, joint stiffness, headaches and more.  Ask one of our clinicians to determine which heat pack is the right one for you.

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