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Diabetic care 

It is essential for all people with diabetes to receive professional foot care education and regular foot examinations due to their risk of diabetic foot disease. Our podiatrist will assess carefully assess the peripheral circulation, peripheral nerve function, skin and nail integrity and joint structure of your feet in order to give you the best advice minimise future complications of the disease.

Diabetes can have catastrophic effects on the feet. It is crucial for anyone diagnosed with diabetes to have regular foot assessments to help minimise potential future complications. A diabetic foot assessment with a podiatrist will include basic foot care education, and close examination of peripheral circulation, nerve function, footwear, skin and nails, and overall foot function.

Those at risk of complications may have peripheral vascular disease, peripheral neuropathy, changes to skin integrity and joint deformities, and a slower response by the immune system to infection.

Your podiatrist can advise you on how to minimise your risk of diabetic foot disease, provide you with professional nail and skin care, and monitor your foot health progression. It is recommended that people with diabetes should see a podiatrist annually and at least every six months if any risk factors for complications are identified.

Paediatric Foot Pain
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