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Ankle Braces

Contour Compression Brace

The Contour ankle brace provides excellent compression to the ankle and lower calf. The brace is easily applied with no straps or Velcro tabs attached. The brace comes in a range of sizes to suit all patients. In addition to it’s role in assisting compression, the brace provides moderate support to the ankle and enhances bio-feedback to the surrounding muscles and ligaments.

We recommend that before fitting your ankle brace that you consult one of physiotherapists for an assessment of your ankle.


Ankle Stability Brace

The ASO EVO Ankle Stabilizer provides stability to the ankle and lower leg using two stirrup straps which replicates the standard ankle strapping application. A soft plastic cuff protects the ankle and a low profile designs means that you can easily fit your runner, boot or shoe over the top of the brace. Braces come in both black and white versions. 

The brace is commonly used following acute ankle sprains or for patients that have suffered multiple sprains and episodes of ankle instability. The brace is also suited for use at work and during sport.

If you have suffered an ankle sprain or repeated instability then we recommend that you attend our practice for a physiotherapy assessment of your ankle.


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