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Clinical Pilates classes in Frankston

Pilates can be defined as a conditioning method for the body and mind. It is a well-controlled, focused, physical conditioning program for the whole body, promoting body awareness and improving physical efficiency and function. Pilates is used in rehabilitation to retrain and restore optimal musculoskeletal function by promoting healthy neuromuscular movement patterns to alleviate pain and prevent injury.

LifeCare Pilates incorporates the most recent advancements in physiotherapy, core stability, abdominal and spinal control with the traditional Pilates method, to produce optimum results in fitness and rehabilitation. LifeCare Pilates is suitable for everyone, from the young elite athlete to the elderly, and can be adapted to suit all needs.

Lifecare Frankson offers

In order to enroll in our equipment based Pilates programs, each client is required to attend for an initial assessment with a Pilates trained physiotherapist, with no referral required. This will allow our instructors to gain a detailed history and physical examination in order to achieve the individual’s goals. 

Private health rebates apply to all of our classes (check with your private health fund if physiotherapy rebate applies).

Discounts are available for bulk purchase of small group and matt classes.

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